4 cool ways to enjoy your garden this winter


Let’s be honest. Summer is the perfect time to get your garden fence panels up, mow the lawn, and get out your deckchairs to enjoy the summer sun. It’s the time of year when your outdoor space really shines.

As you’ve probably noticed though, right now we’re not currently caught in the throes of the summer sun, which begs the question – what about the winter? Just because things have got a little frosty doesn’t mean you have to pack up and head indoors. There are still plenty of ways you can enjoy your garden in the colder months, and we’ve got the best options right here.

1. Focus on a smaller space in your garden

Before looking at the cool ideas to enjoy your winter garden, it might be an idea to focus your energy on a smaller space, especially if you’ve got a large backyard. It might well be impossible to make your entire garden hospitable in the cold weather unless you have a lot of energy and time to do so! Concentrating on one spot gives you a much better chance of creating a space you can actually enjoy when it’s cold. Having said that, feel free to plant lots of evergreens and line your hedgerows with lanterns for a cosy winter wonderland vibe.

2. Create a bubble dome in your garden

Bubble domes are the latest in outdoor trends, both in winter and summer. If you haven’t ever heard of them, they’re basically large, see-through igloos – but not made of ice, of course. You can deck out the inside with comfy chairs, rugs, and even wood-burners if you have the right dome for them! It’s like a tiny, heated room in the middle of your garden but entirely see-through so you can still appreciate the beauty of the nature around you.


3. Bring the warmth outdoors with an outdoor firepit

Who doesn’t love a fire pit? There are tons of options for firepits these days, from those built into a brick foundation as a permanent garden feature to small, temporary pits that you can pop away when you’re not using. Either way, it’s an excellent option for bringing some warmth to a chilly garden. Gather around your pit with some blankets, lanterns, and a cup of something warming and enjoy your garden all year long. A little bonus tip: you can also use your fire pit to roast marshmallows and warm up your drinks! Rustic and cosy too; it doesn’t get much better than that.

4. Create a makeshift wooden shelter

An outhouse can be an investment, but there are ways to provide shelter in your garden without spending the money. One option is to create a shelter from wooden fencing with three walls and a roof. This will keep you protected from the elements whilst still letting you enjoy your garden. Add some nice chairs and a fire pit that’s half-in, half-out of your shelter, and you’re good to go! Just make sure you use quality fencing that can withstand harsh weather, like our fencing panels at Welch Fencing.

If you like the idea of transforming your winter garden into a cosy wonderland, you’re in the right place. We have plenty of garden fence panels and concrete fence posts at Welch Fencing for you to get creative with. Whether building a shelter, an outhouse, or a base for your fire pit, we can help. Browse our ranges here on our site, and make sure to let us know if you have any questions by calling us on 01772 336 476. We’re always happy to help!