4 creative garden trellis ideas to make your space unique


It’s thought that the humble garden trellis has been used in gardens and horticulture throughout much of human history, stretching back thousands of years. Ancient Mediterranean cultures found them particularly useful for growing olive vines, something that they’re still frequently used for overseas today. Here in the UK, they’re equally favoured for the sense of stylish beauty they can grant to a garden of any size, providing a supporting structure for all manner of beautiful plants and climbers.

Here at Welch Fencing, we supply a wide variety of garden trellis products alongside our range of garden fence panels and concrete fence posts. What’s more, we’ve got a few cool ideas for some creative ways you can put them to use in your own garden!

Create ‘zones’ within your garden

This is a fantastic way to create a bit of extra intrigue and unique character to your garden. Garden trellises can be used in place of garden fence panels to section off different zones in your garden. You can have a small enclosed space for relaxing, eating, or even a little reading corner, nestled away from the larger space. If you’re lucky enough to have a larger space at your disposal, you can use them to hide distant areas of your garden from wandering eyes, encouraging a sense of mystery and discovery.

And if you’re sufficiently fond of your neighbours, or privacy is otherwise less of a concern, you can even use garden trellises entirely in place of fence panels to enclose your entire garden. Not only will this create a beautifully unique boundary for your space with a natural screen of trailing plants, but as an extra bonus it’s less likely to be blown over by strong weather, as the wind will simply pass through it.

Enjoy extra colour and ambience with tea light lanterns

There’s nothing that says your trellis has to be used exclusively for plants, of course. If the idea of getting more colour into your space appeals, then you can even use your garden trellis as a frame to hang a range of glass lanterns, with little tea lights flickering within. It gives your garden a nicely wondrous and summery touch, and makes it a particularly pretty place to spend some time after dark – all the better in the lovely summer weather we’re currently enjoying!

Obviously though, make sure to get all the safety stuff ironed out; for example, nails and attachments need to be sufficiently secure, and burning candles should never be left unattended (whether they’re encased in glass jars or not!).

Tea Light Lantern

Cloak your garden shed in plants

Ah, the garden shed. It’s a versatile building that’s famously fulfilled a variety of roles for British homeowners, ranging from a simple storage space to the much-coveted ‘man-cave’. And if you plan on using yours as a space to enjoy a bit of solitude, here’s a creative trick to put your own stamp on it. You can secure a section of trellis to its sides and back, encouraging climbing plants to grow up the sides, and giving a neat effect of your shed being ‘reclaimed’ by nature. Depending on your choice of climbers, this effect can be as bold or as subtle as you like – it’s all up to you!

Make it a useful vertical storage solution

Staying on the theme of general utility, if your shed won’t easily accommodate your garden tools for whatever reason – whether that’s because you’ve converted it to be a rather more cosy space, or because it’s simply already full to the brim with other stuff – then a garden trellis can provide a storage solution that’s as useful as it is creative.

It might not be able to accommodate bigger tools like shovels, rakes or hoes, but it’s the perfect space for smaller implements, such as trowels, forks, or garden gloves. If the mood takes you, you can even add some potted plants for a bit of extra decoration and character. Once again though, take care to do your due diligence in advance – don’t give it more than you think it’ll be able to carry!

These are just a couple of the idea that appealed to us most – you may even have some of your own in mind! Whatever you’re planning, rest assured we’ve got the very best garden trellis products to suit your needs here at Welch Fencing, and all at the very best prices. Plus, as an experienced UK manufacturer of concrete fence posts and garden fence panels, we have our very own fleet of delivery vehicles at our disposal, allowing us to get your products right to your door.

If you have any questions about any of our products, or you need any more detailed information, feel free to contact us on 01772 336 476, or fire us a quick email on sales@garden-fence-panels.co.uk.