5 popular garden renovations to transform your outdoor space

Gardening has always been a popular hobby, and in the last few years, it’s taken on a new level of significance as more and more people have begun looking to create an outdoor oasis in their own back garden. Whether you have a small patio, a sprawling lawn, composite or timber fencing, there are plenty of popular garden renovations that you can use to transform your outdoor space this summer. With that in mind, here at Welch Fencing, we’ve devised a few of the most popular garden renovations that you can do to completely change the way your garden looks and feels.

Timber Fencing

Create a seating area

One of the most popular garden renovations you can do is create a seating area where you can relax and enjoy your outdoor space. This can be as simple as adding a few chairs and a table to an area, or something more elaborate like building a pergola or gazebo. Whatever your style and budget, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from when it comes to creating a comfortable and inviting outdoor seating area. What’s more, an inviting outdoor seating area is the ideal location for hosting barbecues, drinks parties, and fire pit gatherings, so you can enjoy your garden with friends and family!

Build a garden path

A garden path can add both functionality and beauty to your outdoor space. Whether you choose a more rustic gravel path or a more formal brick or stone path, a well-designed garden path can serve as an effective guide to help any visitors make their way through your garden, while highlighting your favourite plants and features. Of course, the materials you choose to build your path with will vary in price depending on the look you choose to go for – for instance, a gravel or pebble path will cost less to install than porcelain or Indian sandstone paving slabs, but they’ll also require a bit more maintenance and upkeep over time!

Install some outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can really help your garden transition from daytime paradise to night-time wonderland. Whether you opt for simple pathway lights or more elaborate string lights or lanterns, adding lighting can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere and allow you to enjoy your garden even after the sun goes down. If you’re looking to create a really cosy atmosphere within your garden, then add some outdoor lighting to your seating area, along with a fire pit. There’s nothing more comforting than sitting around a roaring fire on a cool summer night with friends.

Incorporate art and decor

Time to get creative! Carefully choosing new art and decor to your outdoor space can help you add a personal touch to your garden that creates a unique and inviting atmosphere. Whether it’s sculptures, garden ornaments, or a simple wind chime, incorporating some artistic features within your garden can really help make your garden feel like a true extension of your home.

So, whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, there are plenty of popular garden renovations that you can undertake to transform your outdoor space. However, if you’re looking to really change up the look and feel of your space, you can’t look past investing in some garden fence panels. We’ve got a wide range for you to choose from here at Welch Fencing, providing you with a one-stop shop to get your garden fencing looking exactly as you’d envisioned.

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