5 vital jobs to get your garden ready for Autumn

autumn garden

Autumn has now officially begun. The skies are certainly looking a little more grey than they were before, and going outdoors already involves getting a bit more wet and chilly than most of us would probably like. We’ve still got a few more weeks of longer daylight hours before the clocks go back on the 31st of October though, so now’s an excellent time to ensure that you’ve got your garden shipshape in time for harsher weather. Inspecting your garden fence panels is a particularly smart move – and here are a few others!

Secure your unfixed garden furniture

Most types of garden furniture are naturally more lightweight than their indoor counterparts. That can cause problems with heavy winds and rain, as they sometimes have a tendency to get blown across the garden. So, a good place to start is by looking around your garden at any furniture that could be vulnerable that scenario, and either weighting it down, or storing it in your shed or garage. If you’ve got any potted plants around, those should probably be moved to a sheltered area too.

Inspect your garden fence panels

Damaged or loose garden fence panels can be a hazard at the best of times, but these too can be another particular danger in harsher weather conditions, as strong winds can blow them right across the garden. That would leave you with an unwelcome bill, a temporary dent in your privacy and security, and maybe even damage to another area of your garden. Or, if you’re really unlucky, to a neighbour’s!

That possibility alone makes it a very good idea to inspect your fence in the cold light of day, and check whether it’s worth repairing or replacing your garden fence panels. With heavier rain on the way as well, it might also be a good idea to seal your garden fence panels too. (We’ve already published a useful post detailing how to tell when your fence panels need replacing.)

Check for hanging tree branches

Specifically, the ones that look like they might be in danger of snapping off and falling. Strong, damp weather might well hasten that process, causing them to fall or get blown into something – or worse, someone. If the branch in question is relatively small, you might be able to do the job yourself with a stepladder and trimmer. But if it’s a larger branch or you’re not quite fully sure what you’re doing, this is definitely a job to leave to the professionals. Otherwise you might end up suffering the very same accident you were trying to prevent in the first place!

pruning tree autumn

Clean and tidy in general

Cleaning your cutters, rakes, spades and tools is always a good idea before you store them away for the season, as it means they’ll be at their sharpest and most reliable next year when you come to get everything tip top in time for Spring.

It’s also worth giving the entire garden a once-over, and considering whether anything could do with a good clean before being left out or stored away. Anything plastic or wicker could probably do with a quick scrub, and if you’ve got any zinc containers, they’re best left placed upside down, as zinc expands when water freezes in it. The same thing can happen to earthenware pots, except these also have a tendency to crack from the strain, so to be honest they’re probably better stored inside your house or shed.

Unclog your drains

Even if you don’t think they’re really blocked now, this is one last thing to make sure of before the really heavy rain sets in. It can be an absolute nightmare to unclog a drain that’s already been submerged under a small pool of displaced water, so it’s worth doing the job now while it’s easier and a bit more pleasant!

These are just some of our suggestions, of course. Depending on the nature of your space, you might well be able to think of a few quick jobs of your own. And if you need any replacement fence panels for the repairs we’ve outlined above, then you’re in exactly the right place.

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