Can you dog-proof your fencing?

To put it simply, yes – you can dog proof your fencing. Here at Welch Fencing, we know that keeping your pet safe and happy is right at the top of your list of requirements for purchasing new fencing panels. A close second is ensuring that your fence panels will be able survive in a dog friendly home. So to help you out, we’ve got some highly effective ways that you can keep your fence panels pooch proof.

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The higher, the better

The height of the fence you’re planning to build is a key factor to take into account when considering building a new fence. For the most part, a 6ft fence is appropriate for accommodating a dog. However, not all dogs are created equally, and some can be of a considerable size when compared to others. So, you need to keep in mind the size and athleticism of your dog when purchasing a new fence. If your fence is a little too short, maybe think about adding a trellis to add some extra height to your fence to deter dogs with a talent for climbing.

Prevent the Great Escape

If you’ve got yourself a dog who’s partial to a bit of digging in the garden, then the chances are they’re only going to view your fence as an obstacle to try and get under. Smaller dogs, particularly terriers, absolutely love diving down rabbit holes, into mole hills and digging holes to hide things without a second thought as to the danger they could be putting themselves in while getting under – or what could be waiting on the other side.

Digging under fences can weaken posts and cause damage to the wooden panels, so you want to have measures in place to protect both your brand new panels and your digging dog. We’d recommend laying a concrete footer (as opposed to a wooden one) at the base of your fence, as this will stop your dog from digging through into next door’s garden, and damaging your fence panels in the process! Unless you’re a qualified builder, we’d say it’s definitely best to hire a professional to lay concrete for you.

Invisible dog fence system

If your pet is constantly endangering itself by persisting in making daring escape attempts, you could consider an invisible dog fence system. This is essentially a device that’s installed around the perimeter of your yard (in this case, your fence) and the system sounds an alarm if your dog goes near the perimeter edge. In time, the system trains your dog to avoid these areas in your yard.

We love dogs as much as anyone here at Welch Fencing, however if you’re a dog owner who’s planning on purchasing some new fencing from us, we’d recommend taking on-board these tips if you plan on making them last!

If you’re looking for fencing with minimal maintenance, pressure treated fencing panels could be the ideal solution. These panels are durable, have a 10-year anti-rot guarantee and require minimal maintenance for the first few years. From concrete fence posts and timber gates to fence panels and garden trellis, we’ve got everything you need at Welch Fencing. Browse our range to update your outdoor space or get in touch with our experts for more info. You can chat to us on 01772 336 476.