Can you paint your fence in during a heatwave?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a spell of hot weather is the ideal time to take care of all of your garden DIY. The sunshine naturally brings everyone to the outdoors – especially when you think you’ve seen the last of summer. That’s when you seem to take notice of everything that you’d ideally like to take care of before the colder weather sets in. And, while it’s undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for jobs like last-minute gardening or planting, power washing and cleaning off the BBQ, other jobs like painting your garden fence panels should be left out of the equation – and here’s why.

painting fence

When is it too hot to paint your fence?

Everyone has heard the saying too much of anything is bad for you, and this rule applies to your fence too. It’s best to start planning to paint the fence at least 24 hours in advance so you can check the weather forecast for the next couple of days to ensure the ideal conditions. Too hot or cold weather will affect the paint’s appearance after drying.

Thats not to say that you cant paint your fence on a nice day while its warm out, but during peak sunlight hours while the rays are beaming down, its best to put the task on hold. If its nearly 30 degrees out, and the sun has been beating on your fence since the early hours, the surface temperature of your fencing will be even hotter – which will affect how the paint sits, absorbs and dries. The best time to paint your fence is when its warm and dry out, and there are no signs of rain in the foreseeable future. Thats when youre most likely to get the best results!

What would happen if I painted my fence during a heatwave?

This depends on a few factors, such as your location and temperature. If youre further south of the country, you’re likely to experience hotter temperatures than the north, potentially reaching the early to mid-thirties. Like we said earlier, if it’s hot outside, the surface of your fence is even more sizzling, and if you paint, you risk the finished result coming out uneven, patchy or textured. Not because theres anything wrong with the paint or your fencing, but because the sun forces the paint to dry much quicker than usual, and it wont have a chance to penetrate the wood properly.

You’ll most likely be fine if youre further north and the temperature is slightly lower, like early twenties. However, we would advise either painting early morning or later in the afternoon to ensure you can escape the mid-day heat, when the sun is hottest!

Now that have all the information you need regarding when to paint your fencing, you can avoid any unwanted (and patchy) outcomes to achieve a beautifully painted fence! And if you’re in need of any garden fencing panels such as our beautiful arched topped fencing or some classic waney lap fencing to paint, youre in the right place! We’ve got a wide variety for you to choose from here at Welch Fencing. Take a look around our site, and if you have any questions about anything you see, dont hesitate to give us a call on 01772 336476, and we’ll be happy to help!