Creative ways to make use of your old fence boards

Your garden fence does much more than boost the aesthetic appeal of your property. It adds security to your property and enhances the privacy of your space so you can enjoy it at your leisure. However, nothing lasts forever, and that goes for your fence, too.

So, if you’ve just replaced your old fence with some new garden fence panels, but the wood from your old fence is still in relatively good condition, don’t be hasty and throw them out – we’ve got some creative ways you can upcycle them into fantastic, functional garden decor this summer!


Gorgeous garden planters

Few things look more beautiful in a garden than an array of blossoming plants and flowers, especially in the summertime, but buying garden decor can be expensive. So if you’d rather save your money and spend a little time with some tools, you can create a beautiful garden planter out of your old fence boards.

To create a planter, start by assembling the boards into a rectangular or square frame using screws or nails – you’re essentially building a box with no lid – one that’s as big or small as you like (remember it doesn’t have to be perfect). For extra durability, treat the wood with a sealant to protect it from moisture and rot or give it a lick of paint. Once completed, fill the planter with a mix of soil and compost and then it’s ready for your favourite plants or flowers!

Convenient firewood storage

If you love sitting around a fire pit in the garden during the evenings, then the first thing that may have come to mind when it comes to thinking about what to do with your old fence panels may have been to burn them on the fire. However, this method of disposal should be avoided at all costs, most fence panels are treated with chemicals to help enhance their longevity and when burned, the smoke they release can be very potent and contain dangerous chemicals that are awful for the environment and toxic to breathe in.

One thing you can do with your old panels instead, though, is to build a log hut to house your safe firewood while it seasons in the garden! Start by measuring and cutting the panels to your desired size – typically they stand around 1.5 metres high, 1 metre wide, and 0.5 metres deep, but you can build yours to whatever specification you need. Then, assemble a sturdy base and attach the back and side panels to it. Secure a roof panel on top, ensuring that there is a slight overhang to protect the logs from the rain. To make sure your log stores last as long as possible, you can also treat the wood for added durability. This simple and eco-friendly project saves you money, keeps your garden tidy, and helps keep your firewood organised and dry while giving your old garden fence tables a new lease on life!

Make a beautiful birdhouse

This DIY project is great if you don’t have an abundance of garden fencing left over but you still have enough to where it’s a shame to throw it out – you can make a birdhouse! There are few things more relaxing than watching the birds nesting in your garden, and it’s especially rewarding when you build the box with your own two hands.

To make a birdhouse from leftover fence panels, start by cutting the wood into six pieces: a front, a back, two sides, a roof, and a base. Then, assemble the pieces. To complete the birdhouse, add a 3cm entrance hole to the front for the birds to come and go, and make sure the roof has an overhang. Sand any rough edges and paint the wood to protect it from the weather. Your eco-friendly birdhouse is now ready to be hung in the garden!

So, if you’re planning on replacing your fence in the near future, now you know of a few ways you can make use of your old fence panels! And if you’re in the market for some new, sturdy and stylish garden fencing panels, you’re in the right place!

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