Do you need planning permission for a fence?


Planning permission occupies a slightly odd niche in the world of home improvement – you almost never need it when you think you do, and it’s not uncommon to find out you should have considered it when you didn’t. We know exactly how that feels here at Welch Fencing, so we’ve decided to put your mind at ease when it comes to your garden fence panels at least. Here’s everything you need to know about planning permission, and if you need it for your fencing project.

When should I have planning permission?

When you start considering if you need planning permission, there are a couple of key points you’ll probably need to think about first.

Fence height

This is a pretty easy one to start with. If the total fence height of your new project exceeds 2 metres above ground, you will need planning permission. Alternatively, if your home is by a highway or a pedestrian footpath near a busy highway, you will need planning permission if you wish to make the fence bigger, or install a new fence larger than 1 metre.

If you want to add trellis to your fence on the other hand, you’ll need to first check to see that the total height does not exceed 2 metres. If it does exceed the stated heights, planning permission will be needed.

Listed buildings

In more specific circumstances, if you live in a listed building you will also need planning permission.

Article 4 restrictions

Even if your fence is at the right height and is not in a listed building, you will need planning permission for any type of change if you live in an area that has article 4 restrictions.

Article 4 is usually put in place to protect places like conservation areas, so if you live in an article 4 area you will need planning permission for any type of change.

When do I not need planning permission?

As long as the fence is the correct height, and you do not live in an area with planning permission restrictions, you can remove a fence, put one up and maintain it without any issues occurring. Also, if you’re thinking about planting a hedge, we’ve got good news for you there – you won’t need planning permission, regardless of its size.


What happens when I don’t get planning permission?

If you put up a fence that is bigger than the stated permissions, the unfortunate truth is that things can quickly get pretty expensive (not to mention tedious). If you’re deemed not to have sought the right permissions for your fencing project, your local council will tell you to remove any fence which doesn’t comply with the rules by issuing an enforcement notice.

There is a small exception – if the notice has been issued four years after the fence has been erected, there is a very small chance that any council enforcement will take place. If your neighbours haven’t let the local authorities know by then, you are unlikely to receive a notice as well.

However, it’s generally best not to risk attempting to wait them out. We’d always recommend that you be on the safe side and obtain planning permission as soon as possible.

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