Do your garden fencing panels need to match your home’s style?

garden fence and seating

In a word: no. But don’t worry, we’ll give you a little more detail than that – it would be a very short post otherwise! Just as with almost every other aspect of your home’s style, most of the time it comes down to a simple question of personal preference. Matching the style of your garden fence panels to your home isn’t compulsory by any means, but if you’re still stuck on making a final decision, matching them to the style of your home can provide a useful place to start. That’s part of why we make sure to stock such an extensive range here at Welch Fencing!

The pros of matching your styles

If you’ve spent a lot of time, effort or investment in achieving a certain look for your home, whether that’s modern, contemporary or traditional, then matching the style of your garden fence panels can make them the perfect finishing touches to round off the design. You might find it surprising how much of an impact a fence can have on the space, so that it’s not just passively supporting the overall aesthetic, but actively enhancing it.

If you love the look of your contemporary home for example, especially if it’s set in quite modern surroundings, then equally a more modern style of fence might well be the best option to complement it, as it adds an extra polished and sophisticated effect to the boundary of your home. Equally, if you’re replacing an old fence for a more traditional rural space, then an equally traditional wooden fence can really help intensify that beautifully rustic aesthetic.

Of course, even within the fairly broad frameworks of ‘modern’ and ‘traditional’, you’ve got room to play around too. If we revisit that traditional rural setting for a moment, you could choose a straightforward, functional wooden waney panel fence, or you could blend your property more closely into its natural surroundings by selecting a trellis wooden fence, letting climbers and creepers blur the boundaries between the natural and man-made elements of your space.

trellis with flowers

It’s all up to you

All that said though, let’s be honest – ultimately it’s your home, and you’re free to do what you like with it. Matching styles might make it look cohesive and beautiful, but it also has to make you comfortable as well. After all, most of us won’t have our living spaces featured on the front covers of magazines, or explored by the roving eyes of documentary crews, so don’t worry about feeling restricted by what you think would be the right, or ‘proper’ fence to choose for your property. If you’ll allow us to mangle that old adage, it’s not just about building a beautiful house – the most important thing is to make it a home.

It’s also worth considering that you can create some quite quirky effects by mixing and matching different styles for your space. While close board scolloped garden fence panels might be a popular choice for more modern styles of home, don’t hesitate to pick a more simple and traditional style if you fancy – it can help ground the overall look of your home in more natural or rural surroundings. Alternatively, a modern fence for a suburban or traditional home give it the property an intriguingly modern edge.

That’s one reason why we take care to stock such a wide range of garden fence panels here at Welch Fencing – and if you need any help or advice on making your final decision, our friendly staff will be only too happy to lend a word or two of advice. What’s more, we also provide a fantastic range of concrete fence posts to complete your project. As a UK manufacturer of concrete fence posts, we have our very own fleet of delivery vehicles at our disposal, allowing us to get your products right to your door.

Feel free to start browsing them right here on our website, or for any guidance or friendly advice drop us a line on 01772 336 476. We’re here to help!