How to prepare your garden for warmer Spring weather

spring garden with wooden fence

We’re now getting well into Spring, and while we’re still experiencing the occasional patch of rainy or chilly weather, on the whole there’s no denying that things are hotting up a little! That opens up a whole range of possibilities for your garden space, which makes it a great opportunity to do a little sprucing up – not just for your garden fencing panels, but plenty of other areas too. Here are some of our suggestions to focus on!

Give your garden fence panels the once-over

Since you’re probably going to spend a lot more time out in your garden during the Spring and Summer, it’s a good time to give your garden fence a quick check over, and carry out any cleaning or maintenance that you might deem necessary. Now, we went into quite a lot of detail on this topic in a recent post, so we won’t go into exhaustive detail, but just feel free to use your judgement. Do your posts need a quick lick of paint or stain, or are there any broken ones? Can these be repaired, or do they need replacing entirely?

Prepare spaces to relax and socialise around your garden

When it comes to socialising in the garden, garden decking has always been a popular option, so if you’ve got some in your own outdoor space, that’s an excellent place to start. It’s likely to come in particularly handy in 2021, as social distancing restrictions are gradually lifted across the UK – it makes a prime location for socialising with friends or family in a comfortable (and safe) environment.

So it’s a good plan to make sure that you’ve got sufficient seating to accommodate whatever size group you plan on entertaining, and test any wooden garden furniture to ensure that it’s not been weakened by damp, rot, or pests in the last six months or so. The same goes for any garden tables. Give everything a quick wipe down while you’re at it too, to help oust any spiders or other undesirable creatures which might have taken up residence. If you’ve got a pergola, it’s worth considering whether you want to cover it in fabric to provide you and your guests with shade and protection from occasionally blustery winds, or just leave it open to the elements.

garden seating with wooden fence
Flex your green fingers

With the successive lockdowns of the past year, you might well be one of the countless UK residents who’ve turned their hand to improving their gardening skills. If that’s the case, now’s the time to give your flowerbeds and shrubberies a through inspection, tidying up their borders and clearing out any living pests or dead plants and debris, to make way for whatever you plan on planting for the sunnier weather. This is also an excellent time to set up trellises and similar installations for climbing plants, if they’re the sorts of things that take your fancy!

Get a compost bin

This is perhaps one of the less obvious bits of advice for Spring, but if you have indeed got heavily involved in your gardening, we really do recommend it at Welch Fencing. A compost bin is pretty easy to get hold of – you can buy one cheaply, or even make your own using spare wood. (Who knows, if you’ve got any of those spare fencing panels lying around…) Compost bins provide a natural place to process your garden’s organic waste – once it breaks down, you’ll get a nice rich compost that can sustain your plants for quite some time. Make sure to maintain a mix of grass clippings, vegetable peelings, and woody prunings, and turn it every couple of weeks with a garden fork so that it stays aerated. On a related note, you might want to consider installing a water butt to collect rainwater, for similar purposes.

We’ll leave the specifics of decking, plants and compost bins up to you. As for garden fencing though, we’ve got a fantastic range to choose from right here at Welch Fencing. As an experienced UK manufacturer of concrete fence posts and garden fence panels, we have our very own fleet of delivery vehicles at our disposal, allowing us to get your products right to your door.

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