Hello again and welcome to Welch Fencing, June Blog, it’s been wonderful hasn’t it? That we have had this lovely spate of good weather ( all be it for one week ), the garden doesn’t look so baron, spring has finally put leaves back on the trees, plants and shrubs and bushes are gathering their former glory, the lawn is needing mowing every few day, the perennials are starting to get beautiful scented flower head. The birds’ chirp that bit sweeter, the local cat has stopped digging in the borders and lovingly laps up the heat. You have a new crime thriller and lovely bottle of pink gin from the daughter, that your planning to enjoy in the sunshine and solitude, why lounging in the sun like an African big cat, all Joan Collins in your favourite bathing suit and floppy hat

Oooh wait …. What’s that?

Mrs Smith, grandchild three and four are currently, erecting the paddling pool, dragging the BBQ across the lawn and an obstacle course of various types of foam shaped objects involving bats, balls and cricket stumps across their newly mowed lawn. Your thought of the sunshine and latest crime thriller, literally popped with one swift call of, ‘extra ketchup on your burger Bill’?

See garden fences are wonderful at giving us the private space we need. Simply throwing a fence up and hoping for private space isn’t enough. We must treat our garden fences with as much love and attention to the plants and trees we grow and make them as part of the changing features to our garden with the seasons.

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By creating the space around us we, including the garden fencing and make it less of a  perimeter and more of a tropical get away space, the poor garden fence is often one element of the garden that is overlooked, yes ultimately it is there to create a mutual respectful boundary.. but please do not underestimate the importance of a garden fences role.

Treat your garden fences as a blank canvas … think of the area of space that your garden has, and the overall look and feel of how you want the garden to be. The garden fence plays a massive part in the overall look and feel of the garden, yet it is one feature that many of us overlook.

Below The team at Welch Fencing have come up with some ideas that we think will bring life to your fence.

The type of fence that you have can drastically alter the look and feel of your garden.

  • How about picking up an idea of two toning the colour scheme in your fence. We have a great section of fence treatments at Welch Fencing in lots of different colours to choose from. Painting just half of your fence gives a modern, contemporary twist to the look and feel of your fence, using it as a backdrop for lovely seating or relaxing areas. www.garden-fence-panels.co.uk/product-category/accessories
  • How about choosing a fence with a trellis style, look at our elite range, with Neris and St Malo fencing www.garden-fence-panels.co.uk/product-category/eltie-fencing-panels-gates  Trellis fencing is a great way to screen your garden without losing to much light. Using beautiful climbing planets such as Aubrieta Blue, Clematis, Pfiesteria Vinburnines and Jasmine Nudeiflorum, creating a soft romantic feel to your garden fence, which can be dressed as additional eating and relaxing spaces.

Proud Grandparents.

Children now grow up so fast, how about creating a mini planting space in the garden for the little ones. Using outgrown Wellington boots and planted with small bright plants such as marigolds or lavender. This makes a superb bright area on the garden, without the little ones wanting to dig up your beautifully kept borders. Its bright, fun and not a permanent fixture in your garden. Plus, it gives the little ones the focus when they come to stay and a topic of conversation for them to engage with. Hung on low level fencing (scalloped fencing panel) can make a big impact and not just for little ones. Low level; fencing is an ideal way of keeping the grandkids off area that you don’t want little boots and hands in and digging, but well placed can make small areas in the garden have their own space without spoiling the rest of the look and feel of the garden.



Create a very en-vogue trend now with ladder effect planters, this is perfect for gardens with only small amount of spaces, or for those of us who find tending to large amount of borders time consuming and difficult to manage. www.garden-fence-panels.co.uk/product-category/eltie-fencing-panels-gates  (St Esprite square fencing panel), these are a wonderful option for giving extra planting space without the fear of having bend over back pain, (yes we all know how that feels when the borders need doing) putting herbs in to the planters is a lovely option to bring your kitchen out doors and also gives off a wonderful scent when growing.

Create a private space with a fence extension.

Try not to cover up existing stone walls when they have so much character, give them that extra privacy by adding a fence extension. Have a look at our trellis style that we have in store, giving you that much needed privacy from Mrs Smith and the Grandchildren while still letting lots of light into your own garden.