Money saving tips for your garden

garden design

Turning your garden into a peaceful haven of beautiful blooms, pristine garden fencing, and al fresco dining spots might be your dream, but if your budget’s holding you back it can feel a long way off. Fortunately, though, a well-designed garden doesn’t have to cost a lot. To help you make a start, our team at Welch Fencing have put together our top tips to help your money go further. Let’s get into it!

Know your aesthetic

Knowing your garden aesthetic is key to not making purchases you regret. Anyone with a garden will know the struggle of buying flower pots or shrubs that end up not fitting with your desired look, which is just a waste of money! But without a clear vision, it’s easy to make impulsive purchases. That’s why it’s crucial to sit down before you go shopping and create a mood board for your aesthetic based on one key theme.

Focus on your boundaries

Neat garden boundaries can transform your entire space. Upgrade shabby edges with new garden fence panels or give your existing fencing a new coat of paint for a quick spruce-up, making sure that all dirt and debris is removed first. Invest a little time in maintaining your border plants, too, for a garden that starts as it means to go on. By doing this, you can cut back on spending elsewhere and still create a well-kept space.

Look for second-hand treasures

Choosing second-hand items instead of brand-new items can save you a whole lot of money. From outdoor furniture to timber for raised beds, you can find almost anything in a used condition – and it’ll add to your garden’s sustainability, too! Search antique shops, salvage yards, and online marketplaces (including Facebook and eBay) to uncover hidden treasures at bargain prices.

Buy bare-root plants

Bare-root plants are a money-saving secret known by a few experienced gardeners. These are plants that are dug from the ground in their dormant phase and arrive in your garden without any soil around the roots. You can save tons of money choosing bare-root trees and shrubs, bringing life to your outdoor area without breaking the bank.

Use materials you already have

Not everything you need has to be bought. Toilet roll tubes make amazing plant pots for growing from seeds and can be planted straight into the soil when your saplings are ready. Twigs work wonderfully as supports for plants, and plastic bottles cut in half make cost-effective protectors for sprouting seeds! Get creative with the materials you already have to cut back on unnecessary spending

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