Our top 3 most frequently asked questions about concrete fence posts

We’ve been in the garden fencing business for over 50 years here at Welch Fencing, and in that time, we’ve had a lot of questions from potential customers regarding our concrete fence posts. If you’re someone with a few questions buzzing around your brain like “Why should I get concrete fence posts?” or “Are there any alternatives to concrete fence posts?”, then we’re here to help!

concrete fence posts

Our in-house experts have put together a handy little guide to give you the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we’ve had about our garden fence posts over the years. So, let’s get into our top 3 most frequently asked questions about concrete fence posts.

What are garden fence posts?

Concrete fence posts are long lasting alternatives to traditional timber posts for garden fences, which provide superior strength and durability to your fencing panels. We manufacture all our fence posts to the highest standards, using steel reinforced concrete to ensure maximum durability. Our quality concrete fence posts can be used in tandem with our fence panels and concrete gravel boards to create the perfect garden fencing solution.

Are concrete fence posts essential?

Some kind of fence post is always essential, and although it doesn’t necessarily have to be concrete, there are lots of good reasons that so many of our clients choose them! They’re widely favoured for their durability, security and longevity.

They play a vital role in anchoring your fence in place – without them, your fence would essentially be one long unbroken fence panel. A pretty structurally weak one at that, and one that would probably struggle to stand up to even moderate gusts of wind.

If you’d like, you can also use timber posts, which provide a decorative alternative to concrete posts for securing your garden fences in place. Personally here at Welch Fencing, we find that most of our customers generally opt for concrete posts.

Why use concrete for your fence posts?

Concrete provides a number of clear advantages over timber – it’s more durable, longer-lasting, and therefore often better value for money overall.

Unlike timber, concrete will never rot, decay, or split. It’s a very durable material that doesn’t require regular treatment sessions to keep it in mint condition, and as a result of its robust structure, concrete fence posts can last for decades. They’re also the perfect choice if you’re looking to build a fence in a more coastal or rural location, as they’re way less susceptible to damage caused by adverse weather like wind and rain.

That’s the essentials covered! And if you’re already considering concrete fence posts for your own outdoor space, rest assured we’ve got you covered here at Welch Fencing. We’ve got a great range of concrete fence posts for you to browse right here on our site. Plus, as an experienced UK manufacturer of concrete fence posts and garden fence panels, we have our very own fleet of delivery vehicles at our disposal, allowing us to get your products right to your door.

If you have any questions about any of our products, or you need any more detailed information, feel free to contact us on 01772 336 476, or fire us a quick email on  sales@garden-fence-panels.co.uk.