Revealed – the best fence panels to enhance your garden in 2021

Waney-Fencing (1)

Spring is right around the corner – although given the changeable weather we’ve been having in the past few weeks, you wouldn’t necessarily know it to look outside! But behind the clouds, proper sunshine is finally on the way, and after all the time we’ve all spent cooped up indoors over winter, it’s likely that you’re getting ready to enjoy some time relaxing in your garden. So if you’re eyeing up an old, tired garden fence for replacement, we’ve got a great range of garden fence panels and concrete fence posts here at Welch Fencing, ready to get your garden shipshape in time for Spring. Here, we’ve chosen five of the best fence panels for your garden in 2021, providing handy inspiration to kickstart your garden plans.

Waney Fencing Panels

Without a doubt one of the most popular garden fence panels in the UK, Waney Fencing Panels are a traditional, cost-effective and highly economical fencing solution for your garden. This style of garden fence is formed from waney edge boards – roughly sawn timber which is typically cut from the outside of the log, so they don’t have a square edge. This means they don’t slot together in a uniform fashion, but instead each row of panels slightly overlap the ones below (which is why they’re also referred to as overlap or larch lap fencing panels).

The panels are framed with rectangular battens with a top cap, and treated in a water-based Curpinol preservative which both helps to give them that distinctive golden brown colour, and maximises their durability. They’re the perfect all-round choice for any type of garden.

Pressure Treated (Brown) Close Board Fencing Panels

This is another excellent option to consider if you prefer a more traditional look for your garden. Like other close board fencing panels, our Pressure Treated (Brown) Close Board Fencing Panels particularly well suited to maintaining the privacy of your outdoor space and shielding it from the eyes of neighbours or passers by. Their traditional brown shade allow them to blend seamlessly in to almost any outdoor space, and they’re notably hardwearing, so you can count on them to maintain their appearance for longer.

They’ve been pressure treated to protect them against rot and maximise their lifespan, allowing them to offer a brilliant balance between durability, security, privacy – and all at the very best price.

Close Board Scalloped Garden Fencing Panel

A great alternative to our traditional close board fencing panel, the most distinctive feature of these Close Board Scalloped Garden Fencing Panels is their concave appearance. We use the finest selected feather edge boards to achieve this look, which provides the most attractive, decorative finish. It’s a solid option if you’re after a more contemporary or unique look for your garden, and their cheerful colour really comes into its own in summer. Each garden fence panel is dip treated to minimise the risk of rotting, preserving their long-term integrity and appearance. As a garden fence panel manufacturer here at Welch Fencing, we’re able to offer these garden fence panels in a variety of heights to suit your garden.

Arched Close Board Double Sided Garden Fencing Panel

If you like the look of the scalloped garden fencing panels above, we think you’ll like these one too. The most obvious difference is that these Arched Close Board Double Sided Garden Fencing Panels don’t slope on a downward gradient, but arch upwards instead, maximising privacy for your garden while still allowing you to enjoy that distinctive decorative finish. Like our scalloped garden fence panels, we make these wooden vertical board fence panels right here in the UK, using the finest feather edge boards, which are dip treated to provide maximum protection against rot.

Pointed Pickets Fencing Panels

Now, let’s look at something a little different. If privacy isn’t one of your top concerns for your garden, Pointed Pickets Fencing Panels can give your space a lovely homely feel, and they’re perfect if you enjoy frequently chatting with your neighbours. These pre-assembled wood pickets are made from square edge panels with pointed tops, giving them a uniform but highly inviting appearance. If you prefer a more open, breezier look for your garden, they’re great options to consider, and as an added bonus they’re highly cost effective too.

This is just a sample of what we’ve got available of course, so you can get a good idea of our full range. We’ve got plenty more garden fence panels and concrete fence posts for you to browse right here on our site. We’re an experienced UK manufacturer of concrete fence posts and garden fence panels, with our very own fleet of delivery vehicles at our disposal, so we can get your products right to your door.

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