Welcome again to Welch Fencing monthly blog, we can hardly believe that it is September already, where did the summer months vanish to. The central heating has already gone on for a few hours of an evening, to take that chill from off the air, much to the delight of the cat and our teenage daughter.

This month’s blog is about what we can do to make our gardens fencing withstand the next few months weather, of wind, rain and snow (mainly rain). No doubt many of you will have had lovely leisurely days of tending to your garden space, enjoying the flowers, BBQ and generally living al fresco while the suns allowed you to. It seems to come around all to quick, I think the older that I have become I notice the seasons sneaking up on me, quite as a mouse until its nearly visible and in front of my face. Am not one of the homeowners who are well prepared, despite the best efforts in my head, life has a faster pace than my organisation skills, the shed and garage remain in the state of unorganised chaos as the summer before. I am known as what, affectionally my father would call a potter, and by that I don’t mean moulding lumps of clay, I’m like the Clive Dunn of the gardening world, full of good intent, but some how always managing never to get it quite right. I do love a good nose at all the jobs in the garden that need doing, making a list of them jobs, knowing what the jobs will look like at the end product, and doing zero of them jobs on the list.

See the garden is very much my husband’s domain, its his outside man cave, his switch off, his physical exercise, his go to business thinking space, his teenager escape route, and woe betide any human that steps or stands on his much beloved borders. My husband is the reason I am writing this blog this month, he is the one over my shoulder telling me its all very well having lovely flowers and plants and getting the garden to look pretty, but it’s no good if you don’t maintain the essentials during the colder winter month.

I agree fervently with him, whilst browsing for new furniture for next summer’s outside social soiree. So, on behalf of my lovely husband and the team at Welch Fencing, the following tips are about keeping your beloved boundaries maintained and spring season ready.

Preserve to Conserve

Our poor wooden fences are attacked from all of natures elements, and are not only exposed to the sun, wind, rain and snow, but the traffic on the garden can have an impact to longevity of your fences shelf life. Replacing missing or broken post, applying sealants, checking that the wood is free from damp or rot, and treat with preserves and protectant paints and sprays, will not only keep the structure of the fence stronger but will make it more resilient during the colder winter months.


One thing about living up North (and believe me I thought I was Northern before I relocated to this beautiful part of the world), is that we do have a lot of high and strong winds. Its part of the charm of the weather cycle here, rain followed by strong winds followed by more rain. I am savvy enough to know now, that I simply look out into the garden and see if the Silver Birch is flapping around like a tropical palm tree, will make me want to venture out. Most locals that I know drive massive four by four cars, and for the life of me I never understood why? That is until I ventured out in my lovely city-built Fiat 500, into the perfect storm. Ok it was not quite a storm but believe me high winds and rain coming off the side of fields, at what feels like a million miles an hour, is a scary adventure when your cars no bigger than a fair ground dodgem. Hence the importance of structure – your fence is as much use as my Fiat in strong winds if the structure is not sound. Ensuring that posts are properly grounded, while replacing damaged or missing fencing panels will help maintain the structure of the fence, despite the strong winds. We have all had that fence panel that has sailed off in the wind at one time or another, remember its all in the planning, preparation and installation. The team at Welch fencing are always happy you advise and guide you and the right fencing and correct posts for your garden and outdoor spaces.


Nobody likes to think of their security being compromised, nobody likes the thought of their neighbourhood having crime. But fact is it does happen, big houses and small, they can all be hit by bulgers, am quite sure that an opportunist worries less over size than they do over opportunities. Making the boundaries on are homes as a deterrent is part of the humble fences job role. Boundaries are designed to keep our privacy in, but also other people and things we don’t want out. Making the fences on the boundaries of our home as strong and structurally solid as possible will play an important role in preventing and deterring the local tea leaf. Check for missing panels, wobbly post and that the overall look and feel looks solid. A happy home is a protected home, being neighbourly is also one of the small things we can all do for each other, not all of us have wonderful relationships with the nearest and dearest who live around us, but just keeping an eye on other peoples homes and gardens, also keeps our own homes protected and safe.


The best practice for your fence is to maintain the existing panels and give them a good shelf life, garden wood is very vulnerable and is susceptible to rot, especially if it is in the ground. Give you fence the TLC it deserves, by using a specially developed garden fence treatment, it can go on with a brush or a garden fence spray. Theses treatments are super-fast drying, has a pleasant odour and is totally safe to use around your beloved plants and pets, and come ion a variety of different colours from Browns, dark greens or how about a beautiful red Cedar. As the winter months start to draw in, the fences in our homes are more exposed as the climbers, plants and shrubs begin to die down, using your garden fence to still create that welcoming outdoor space, even if we can not sit and enjoy the outside its still lovely to be able to look out to our gardens and feel happy and content. Fairy lights, mason jars with tea lights, solar lights at the bottom of the fencing or beautiful hand made jam jar planters with a few solar lights are a welcoming twinkle on the darker winter nights.

Many people who have taken the time to pay and install wooden garden fencing don’t always take on board the need to maintain it and as a result that 25-year guarantee ends up halved or worse through neglect. Now am no DIY saint I can assure you, like I said am a Potter, I like to take full command of the home without any of the mess, any of the fuss, am an end product girl, my bigger picture is the ideal that the home will look like one of them glossy images from Lancashire life. My gran used to say that you can’t make an omelette without cracking egg, and its so true the Autumn and winter months are about that preparation work in our home, so please excuse the mess and the mud, and the general banging and tapping of my husband the next few months, he is busy so we can make memories again in the summer.

Wishing all you a wonderful September, The Team at Welch Fencing, please feel free to come an visit us at our store based in Chain House Lane, Preston.

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