Tips for creating a beautiful garden on a budget this summer

Having a beautiful garden is easier than you think. While at first glance it can appear to be an expensive feat, that’s not necessarily always the case. Like any revamp task, you can spend as much or as little money on it as you like. What really matters is the planning—remember, it’s work smart, not hard!

So, if you’re thinking of changing up your garden for the summer to add a little extra oomph, you’re in the right place. At Welch, we’re experts in all things garden fence panels, and we’ve picked up quite a few tips and tricks on creating a beautiful garden in our time in the industry. So today, we’re going to be sharing some of our favourite tips for creating beautiful outdoor spaces on a budget.

Summer garden

Give your fence a lick of paint

Let’s start with the classics. A fresh coat of paint is a simple yet effective way to instantly uplift your garden space; better still, it’s low on price and high on payoff. Don’t underestimate just how much a new shade or pop of colour can elevate your outdoor space. Depending on how large your garden fence is, for around £20-30 and a couple of hours of your time, you can complete the entire fence. Not only that, but painting your fence adds an extra layer of sun and water protection to your garden fence panels, which in turn keeps them in better shape for much longer – so it’s a win-win! When it’s a classic shade of brown, a modern shade of grey or a fun pop of colour, your fence is your blank canvas, so make it your own.

Reduce and recycle

There are few things better than getting something at a great price, but there is one thing, and that’s getting something for free! Allow us to explain: if you’re green-thumbed, chances are you’ve got a garden full of beautiful plants, and those plants need a constant supply of nutrient-rich soil and, you guessed it, water.

Instead of racking up hefty water bills over the summer with the hose pipe, why not collect the nitrate and nutrient-rich rainwater and make use of that? All you need to get started is a water butt, which is super easy to install. You can begin collection immediately, and with the UK weather, you’re never going to be without a few litres in the tank!

Sow some seeds

While having a garden full of blooms might seem like an obvious way to add a bit of visual interest and beauty to your space, it can actually become quite expensive if you’re doing a lot of planting, especially if you’re buying bulbs and blooms to plant. And that’s where seeds come in. You can buy seeds by the hundreds in packets, and they’re often incredibly affordable, which means you can get an entire garden for a great price. Many seeds, like perennials, offer gorgeous colourful blooms that will return year after year, saving you time and money for the coming summers!

Restore and reuse

So now your garden has a fresh lick of paint, and it’s full of beautiful blooms. It’s time to turn your attention to the garden furniture. If you have some tired old garden furniture you’ve been thinking of throwing away – don’t! And if you don’t have any, why not get some second hand, because this year it’s all about upcycling! If you have plastic furniture, sometimes all it needs is a good deep clean with some warm soap water and a soft-bristled brush and it’ll be good as new.

If you have a wooden bench or picnic bench that ‘s looking a little worse for wear, don’t give up on it. If it’s still sturdy but it’s been left out all year and now it’s growing mould or slightly cracked or splintered; you can most likely save it. All you’ll need is a sunny day, a few tools and some time.

First, you’ll want to clean off any dirt, debris, and mould with a warm, soapy water bristle brush and leave it to dry. Once that step is complete, it’s time to break out the sander; if you don’t have a sander, you can easily use sandpaper for this. Sand down any rough patches, and then wipe them down with a damp cloth. Then you can re-stain your furniture for a fresh new look.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful garden! These are just a few of our ideas that are short on cash but big on personality. Of course, there are a million things you can do to spice up your space without spending hundreds—it’s all about getting creative so you can save your money for garden investments. If you have to splash the cash, it should be on something you’ll get your money’s worth for, like a garden fence panels!

If you’re thinking about replacing a few of your current fence panels or posts or getting a new fence entirely, we’ve got you covered here at Welch Fencing. We have a beautifully diverse range of fencing panels, posts, and accessories right here on our website. What’s more, we like to keep things affordable without compromising on quality! So why not take a look at our website? And, if you need any help or advice, just give us a call at 01772 336476. We love helping our customers make their garden goals a reality!