Top 5 garden trends we’re looking forward to in 2022


Ready to make the most of your garden this year? Sure, it might be a little chilly outdoors now, but that makes it the perfect time to start planning. Spring will be here before you know it – so, get those gardening gloves ready, your garden fence panels in check, and let’s take a look at these great garden trends of 2022.

1. Bring back nature with a wild garden

We’re only a few weeks into 2022, and already it’s looking ‘wild’! Interest in wild gardens has been soaring recently, with growing numbers of homeowners opting for architectured unruliness over neat, clean spaces. Think hedgerows overflowing with bee-friendly plants and daisies cropping up in longer length grass, and you’re well on your way to a trendy garden.

2. Create zones for a versatile space

Zoning is a fantastic way to bring some versatility to your garden, and this year it’s set to be bigger than ever. The past couple of years have made us appreciate our gardens, and as the weather warms people will be using their spaces to entertain, relax in, and work from. By using garden fence panels, tiles, and hedges to create zones for different purposes, you can design a functional space that’s perfectly suited for your needs.


3. Introduce character with floor tiles

If you’re looking to introduce a bit of unique charm into your garden, patterned floor tiles are the way to go. Create a small tiled space in your outdoor area that’s perfect for a dining table, and lay down your chosen tiles. It’ll instantly lift your garden and leave you with a space that’s anything but boring.

4. Dive into a hot tub this summer

Make the most of your garden this summer by investing in a hot tub. Hot tubs definitely aren’t a new invention, and most of us have probably had a dip in one or two before, but they’re now becoming a popular staple in people’s outdoor areas. Relaxing and great for entertaining, add one to your space to spice up your garden. That’s summer sorted!

5. Sustainability is the theme of 2022

It looks as though everyone is trying to be a little more sustainable in 2022. There are plenty of ways to get more eco-friendly in your garden, from introducing wooden bee hotels and bee-friendly plants to choosing wooden and metal furnishings over plastic. Cut down on chemical pesticides, opting for natural options instead, and remember that your garden isn’t just for you, but for all the life around you, too. If you can add just a small section of space that’s left wild, you’ll be providing habitats for our furry friends and flying creatures.

At Welch Fencing, we’re big fans of checking out garden trends. It’s a great way to get inspiration for outdoor spaces and an interesting insight into what other people are doing with theirs. If you’re thinking about revamping your garden in 2022, we can help. With our fencing, concrete posts, timber gates and more, we have what you need to start building your dream outdoor space. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact our friendly staff by dropping us an email or calling us on 01772 336 476. We’re always happy to help!