Which fencing panels make the most of the sunshine?

Temperate. That’s one euphemistic word you could use to describe British weather for most of the year. Mild is another. Downright dreary is yet another (harsher but possibly even more accurate) term, especially in winter. So it makes sense that when the sunnier seasons roll around every year, most of us here in Britain are all too eager to enjoy the brighter and warmer weather, especially out in our own gardens. That naturally leads many British homeowners to eventually ask: which garden fencing panels make the most of the sunshine?

From the team at Welch Fencing, here are five of our top suggestions!

Garden Trellis Square

A garden trellis square can make the perfect addition any close-board garden fencing panels. Close board fencing panels are universally popular options throughout the UK, especially for homeowners who might want to protect their privacy from neighbours, or from passers-by on a main road. So if you’re planning on replacing your close board fencing panels but you don’t fancy giving up the privacy that these sorts of close-board fencing panels provide, you can simply get slightly shorter panels, and top them off with garden trellis squares – allowing light to pour in from over the top while giving you a great opportunity to decorate them however you want!

Pailing Fencing Panels

Pailing fencing panels are amongst the most popular types of garden fencing we supply here at Welch Fencing. They’re great for letting even more light into your outdoor space, with only a slight trade-off in terms of privacy. They’re notable for their neat, versatile design that makes them right at home in any environment, allowing you to make the very most of the Spring and Summer weather! (There’s also an arched version, if you’d prefer an even more decorative touch.)


Pointed Pickets Fencing Panels

As the name indicates, this is the perfect one to go for if you’re a fan of the traditional picket fencing look for your garden. Just as with the vast majority of our fencing panels, we provide pointed pickets fencing panels in a range of sizes here at Welch Fencing, giving you the choice between waist or shoulder-height picket fencing, all the way up to 6-feet sizes for a much greater degree of privacy between your outdoor space and the outside world.

Heavy Square Trellis

This is a bit more unorthodox than traditional fencing panels, but still a highly practical and beautiful choice. A heavy square trellis shares much of the same characteristics of a regular trellis, but boasts and even more sturdy construction, having been made with extra battens. Its numerous openings allow natural light to easily penetrate it and flood into your garden – perfect if you fancy an afternoon or evening out in the sun with a good book, and maybe even a glass of something cheeky to accompany it. And of course, a heavy square trellis provides plenty of decorative opportunities, especially with natural elements like climbers or creepers.

Close Board Scollaped Garden Fencing Panel

A close board scollaped garden fencing panel is another excellent option if you’re trying to strike a perfect balance between getting more light into your garden, but also preserving your privacy from neighbours or passers-by. The closed board construction prevents any curious eyes from peering into your garden, but the decorative curve along its top is brilliant for letting in more light to a cosy corner of your garden – especially during the much-anticipated ‘golden hours’ of dawn or dusk.

These are just a few of our ideas though – you might well have more of your own! We’ve certainly got no shortage of options for you to choose from here at Welch Fencing. As an experienced UK manufacturer of concrete fence posts and garden fence panels, we have our very own fleet of delivery vehicles at our disposal, allowing us to get your products right to your door.

If you have any questions about any of our products, or you need any more detailed information, feel free to contact us on 01772 336 476, or fire us a quick email on sales@garden-fence-panels.co.uk.