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We strive to offer you top-quality service that will stand the test of time, just like our fencing solutions. Our fencing products are meticulously built using the best materials available in the industry. We take great care in handpicking the finest timber for our products so you can enjoy fencing systems that are visually appealing, durable and tough. Join thousands of satisfied customers with beautiful fencing by choosing Welch for all your fencing needs!

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We trust you will find what you require, and that once selected it will give you many years of good service, in keeping with the products already supplied to our many thousands of satisfied customers. All the products manufactured and stocked by the company are produced from the highest quality materials available to the fencing industry. Great care is taken to select the most suitable timber for all products.

Where timber fencing is concerned however, and particularly panel fencing, it must be remembered that wood is a natural product and will be subject to Movement as it seasons. It is not uncommon for small splits to occur (called shakes) in timber when drying, and warping can occur if the timber is allowed to dry too rapidly. These will normally go back when the humidity rises, with the slats eventually seasoning in the correct position.

For the best life of your fencing, and panels in particular, please observe the following recommendations:

Timber Fence Panels

As timber is a natural material it is important that during dry weather, and in particular the first year after installation or during storage, that the panels are wetted down regularly as with a newly planted tree or shrub.

Treat Your Fence Panels

Treat your panels annually with one of the popular treatments-e.g.: Cuprinol or Ronseal, or any similar water-based preservative.

Treated Fence Panels

Panels are delivered already dipped and treated. However, if you need to retreat to colour match BOTH sides of the panel must be treated as warping can occur due to the uneven application of treatment.

It is impossible for us to guarantee our panels against the movement of wood as this is a natural reaction to moisture loss and is obviously out of our control. We do however, endeavour to maintain the highest standards in the construction of our fencing and gates and trust that they will give you long and continued good service.

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