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Category Archives: Seasonal News

How to help your garden capture that cosy country Christmas vibe

christmas lights on fence
Let’s be honest, ice sculptures might be a little ambitious, especially for us here in the UK. Happily though, you’ve got all sorts of options to give your garden a cosy Christmas feel, without having to get anything shipped over (or painstakingly carve it in sub-zero temperatures). Best of all, all these suggestions are all fairly flexible, so you’ll be able to adapt them to the style of your garden fence panels, and the .

Can I have a fence installed in autumn or winter?

garden fence in winter
The short answer to this question is yes. When it comes right down to it, you can technically install your fence any time of year you like. But that’s not quite what you’re asking, is it? What you’re actually asking is – how difficult and / or expensive is it to have your fence installed in autumn or winter? Now, the answer to that isn’t quite as straightforward, as there are a lot of .

How to prepare your garden for warmer Spring weather

spring garden with wooden fence
We’re now getting well into Spring, and while we’re still experiencing the occasional patch of rainy or chilly weather, on the whole there’s no denying that things are hotting up a little! That opens up a whole range of possibilities for your garden space, which makes it a great opportunity to do a little sprucing up – not just for your garden fencing panels, but plenty of other areas too. Here are some of .

Our complete guide to maintaining your garden fence all year round

close board fence panel
When you’ve taken the time and trouble to enhance your outdoor space with beautiful garden fence panels, it stands to reason that you’ll want them to look at their best for as long as possible. Happily, that’s fairly easy to do – with just a bit of proactive care and attention, you can keep your fence panels looking amazing throughout the year, helping to protect them from the tolls of the most extreme seasonal .
Its November already – Christmas carols have been playing since mid-august, you have had enough toffee apples and left-over sweets to run a confectionary store with, penny for the Guy, now becomes pound for the guy as the price of sparkles increase with ever uncertainties of Brexit looming. It’s the time of year where we want to be at home, cosy, in our snuggly cardigans, central heating lovingly hugging every inch of the coldness .
Welcome again to Welch Fencing monthly blog, we can hardly believe that it is September already, where did the summer months vanish to. The central heating has already gone on for a few hours of an evening, to take that chill from off the air, much to the delight of the cat and our teenage daughter. This month’s blog is about what we can do to make our gardens fencing withstand the next few .
Hello again, from the team at Welch Fencing. We can hardly believe it ourselves, the long winter months seem far away in the distance, homes are letting the scent of the outdoors in, with windows and back doors open, and our outdoor living space becoming much more used. Growing up in an inner city, I was lucky enough to have a small, moderately kept, garden. It was your typical lawn with four neat borders, .
Hello again and welcome to Welch Fencing, June Blog, it’s been wonderful hasn’t it? That we have had this lovely spate of good weather ( all be it for one week ), the garden doesn’t look so baron, spring has finally put leaves back on the trees, plants and shrubs and bushes are gathering their former glory, the lawn is needing mowing every few day, the perennials are starting to get beautiful scented flower .
Welcome to Welch Fencing in Preston our very first Blog We hope that you will enjoy the new monthly blogs on our website with handy hints and tips for everything you need to know about garden fencing and getting the very best advice from our years of expertise. Please feel free to contact us also on our Facebook and Instagram pages if there is a topic of interest you would like us to blog .