Enhancing your outdoor space: creative ways to use fencing beyond boundaries

There are plenty of ways to add a bit of life to a tired garden, from freshening up your lawn to planting evergreens for winter blooms. But have you ever considered turning your fencing into a feature? As providers of high-quality garden fence panels, our team at Welch Fencing know how to decorate your borders and bring creativity to your space, and we’re here with the inspiration you’re looking for. Take a look to enhance your outdoor space with premium fencing.

garden fence

Add picket fencing to vegetable patches

A lot of avid gardeners love to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers in their outdoor spaces. But, patches of churned-up soil in the middle of your garden don’t always look attractive, especially when your veggies are out of season and your patch is looking a little lifeless. Luckily, a beautifully painted picket fence is all you need to solve the problem.

A low picket fence is ideal for keeping your vegetable patches and growing beds separate from the rest of your garden for a neat, rustic look. Because they’re low and contain gaps between the panels, the fence won’t overwhelm your garden either, making it perfect even when space is at a premium.

Create a private space for al fresco dining

Who doesn’t love having the odd dinner outdoors or brunch in the sun? But if your neighbours can see into your garden, you might feel more self-conscious than relaxed. Make your space more private with some well-placed fencing, zoning your area and protecting your al fresco dining from prying eyes. It’ll also keep pesky breezes at bay, which is a definite bonus!

Choose interesting fence designs

Enhance your space by choosing unique fencing, because not all designs were created equal. For a contemporary aesthetic, we highly recommend taking a peek at Scalloped Fencing, while a charming country garden will be instantly lifted with Arched Top Fencing in a rustic timber. For zoning, why not consider a garden trellis instead of full fence panels? Pair with vines and climbing flowers for a beautiful, romantic look.

Blend materials for interesting spaces

Fencing doesn’t have to stand alone. When working with timber you’ll have your choice of complementary materials, creating unique contrasts and adding plenty of interest to your space. In a zoned area, add a chalkboard wall that stands at the same height as your garden fence panels and blends seamlessly together as a fun, interactive feature that’s ideal for contemporary aesthetics. Wicker and willow fencing also pairs well with timber boards, creating a more lightweight, open feel.

At Welch Fencing, we love the idea of using fencing in unique, playful ways. If you’ve been inspired by these concepts, our garden fence panels are the perfect place to start! In a range of styles, colours, and finishes, you’ll find plenty of high-quality fencing to suit your look. If you have any questions about our products or would like some advice for choosing the right fencing, get in touch with our team at 01772 336 476 and we’ll be more than happy to help.